Hello. Thanks for coming to read the rules. Please read All of this article. And try not to forget them, If you do please come back to read them again.

Nothing InnapropriateEdit

This wiki is for all ages, And we don't want anything innapropriate. This includes Nude Pictures (EVEN If it's animated and not real), Sex etc. Any people who don't follow this rule will get a 2-Hour Ban.


This is the MOST Important rule of all. Some people not only are young, But just are Offended (Literally) By the word... Just the letters together... Just offends them. Any who do not follow this rule will get a One-Year Ban.

Respect Each OtherEdit

Don't hate on anyone, Even if they hate you, Hate a character you love, Or insult you etc. If someone breaks the rules please report it to a moderator or administrator, And if you can include a screenshot of the person breaking the rules. Basically anyone who insults others, Is mean to others etc will be banned.

No SpammingEdit

For people who are confused about this rule, No, It's not ham. Spam is... Well, It's kind of hard to explain... Try googling it.

No Pages That Don't Have to Do With Chloe Rytherr or BlazeTheCat 9Edit

This wiki is called Chloe Rytherr/BlazeTheCat 9 Wiki For a reason, And that reason is for pages that are Chloe/Blaze-Related.

These Rules Are To Be Followed and RespectedEdit

If anyone has a problem with these rules, Or are confused, They can message a mod or admin using their message wall, Or PM A mod/admin in the chat.